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Highway Kings – Simple Gameplay, High RTP

Highway Kings is a slot about trucks, but no matter if you like them or not, you should definitely give it a try. Not only does it boast a very high payout percentage, but it also gives you plenty of chances to win big. Paylines award prizes both from the right and the left, it has a progressive jackpot, and the wilds are more than generous. So, you can’t really go wrong with this slot. Sure, it features no free spins and bonus rounds, but with such a rewarding base game, it doesn’t need them either. Read More

Highway Kings
Play this slot with £1000 Bonus
Powered by: Playtech
  • RTP:
  • 97.06%
Slot Rating:
  • Graphics: 4.2/5
  • Theme: 4.0/5
  • Features: 4.1/5
Overall Score: 4.1/5
Unique Features:
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Selectable Paylines
  • Huge Betting Range
Basic Info: 5 Reels, 9 Selectable Paylines, £2,250,000

Down below, you will find our review of Highway Kings. It may be short, but the game itself is not at all complex, so it really doesn’t need much explanation. And if you want to play it yourself, we have a free demo embedded into the page itself. That way, you can test the game and see if it’s what you are looking for, without risking any hard-earned cash. Furthermore, if you actually like the game and decide to bet some very real money on it, we have a suggestion for the best online casino to do it in.

Try the Free Demo

Before we move on to the detailed review of the game, why don’t you try it yourself? The best way to understand a slot is by playing it, so we have embedded a demo version for you just below this paragraph. Not only will that allow you to have some fun without risking any of your money, but it will also help you decide whether this game is for you. And you want to know whether you like a game before you bet any real money on it.

Highway Kings Free Demo Slot
Instant play

If you are satisfied with the free demo version, you might want to give the real-money counterpart a few spins. After all, that is what slots are all about. What’s more, if you play it with real cash, you will have a shot at the progressive jackpot and that’s always a plus. So, head on over to Mansion Casino and you can win some very real coin, instead of demo credits. Mansion Casino offer some great welcome bonus terms as well, so you cannot go wrong there.

Game Rules and Overview

Highway Kings is extremely simple in its essence. Its truck-related theme is not for everyone, but the theme hardly matters in this case. The true value of the game is in its core rules. It features five reels and 3 rows, with nine selectable paylines running across them. Those pay both ways (from left to right and from right to left), so they offer some pretty good chance to score a win.

The base game has very high payout percentage, sitting at just above 97%. So, naturally, there are no free spins or bonus games available. However, with such a good chance for a win, the game doesn’t need them either.

As for technical capabilities, Highway Kings comes with just autoplay. Also, it is limited to 99 spins. We would have liked a quick spin feature and a higher limited on the autoplay option, but it still does the trick if you make sure to reset it every now and again.

Highway Kings Paytable and Symbols

The game features a total of twelve symbols: ten regular ones, one scatter symbol, and one wild. The highest paying ones are, naturally, the truck symbols, with a set of five red truck paying the most – 10,000 times your line bet. Scatters, on the other hand, can pay up to 100 times your total bet. So, if you bet £1 per line and you hit five scatters, they can net you £900. What’s more, the wilds substitute for all symbols, the scatters included. Also, completing a winning combination with at least one wild will double the payout for that combination.

Highway Kings Paytable
  • Advantages:
  • Very High RTP
  • Lines Pay Both Ways
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Simple Gameplay
  • Generous Wilds
  • Selectable Paylines
  • Disadvantages:
  • No Free Spins
  • Niche Theme

When it comes to the bet range, you are free to choose from £0.01 to £25 per line. Also, the lines are selectable, so you can play with any number of them, up to 9. As for the maximum amount you can win, the base game can net you up to £500,000 for a combination of red trucks with a wild in it. And that’s without counting the progressive jackpot. When you add that to the mix, the money-making possibilities of the game become even greater.

Highway Kings on the Go

The good news is that Highway Kings is available for mobile devices. This means that you can enjoy its high RTP while on the go as well. In fact, the mobile version has one feature that the desktop doesn’t – Turbo Mode, also known as Quick Spin. While it’s not mandatory for desktop games, it is highly useful for mobile ones, which are usually played for a shorter duration of time. This means that you can fit more spins in your limited gaming time through the day.

Other Games to Try and Conclusion

Highway Kings is a game for those that enjoy simple slots. Similarly to Super Nudge 6000 and Mega Joker, it is an experience for the purists out there that look for the old-school feel of just hitting the right combination, with no elaborate bonuses and mini-games involved. Yet, if you get bored by that, there is always the option to try a more complex slot, such as Transformers Battle for Cybertron. Just don’t expect as many trucks in it, despite Optimus Prime’s involvement.

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Highway Kings is not for everyone. If you value simplicity and good payouts above all else, then it might be right up your alley; however, if you look for flashy lights, lots of elaborate bonuses, and various mini-games, then you might feel a little disappointed. Still, we believe that Highway Kings is among the best slot games out there, exactly because of its classic fruit machine feel. And while it does have its quirks and downsides, the progressive jackpot, two-way paylines, and generous wilds are more than enough to make up for them. So, go ahead and give it a try!