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Best (Mixed) Drinks at the Casino

"Drinking... that's a great human tradition." That's one of my favourite quotes from the 2002 movie Interstate 60. Okay, but what's the use of a casino drinks post? Well, here are three hypothetical scenarios. You are setting foot at a land-based casino for the first time and you are unsure what to order. You are visiting a new place, not your regular one. You are simply curious as to what others order while gambling. No matter which situation fits yours best, this post will be an interesting read.
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What NOT to Drink at the Casino Table

It really depends on what your intentions are. If you are at the casino to have fun and don’t really care about the money you spend, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in one too many of whatever alcoholic drink your heart desires. Anything goes as long as you can eventually make it to the cab and be able to tell the driver where you want to go. However, if you are there thinking it would be nice to play some brain-stimulating game like blackjack and you’d like to go back home with all your cash and hopefully multiply it, then drinking alcohol is probably not a good idea. What Drinks to Order at the Casino A wise person would probably restrain from drinking any alcohol at all. That’s fine as water, tea, and coffee are an option and are usually free of charge. Even if drinking seems a good idea, you should probably stay away from hard liquor as it tends to quickly encourage one to make an ass out of themselves. Straight up vodka or whiskey on the rocks may seem cool but imagine hoisting a couple of those and then trying to make an important decision. Rather, stick to low-proof cocktails, which we’re turning to now.

What to Drink while Gambling

Can’t imagine sitting at a casino table for hours without a drink in your hand? You don’t think coffee is the right fit for your glamourous attire or for that particular hour? Well, you can have your cake and eat it. Uh, I mean you can have a drink and not get drunk. A good way of hitting the fun spot without going overboard is ordering a cocktail. Cocktails have all the glitz of a casino environment and the spice from the alcohol, yet they are not that heavily loaded as to have a negative effect. If you don’t mind the extra calories, you gonna have a great time with mixed drinks. Choose Non-Alcoholic Drinks when Gambling Starting with simple two-ingredient drinks like rum & coke, gin & tonic, and vodka & Red Bull and moving on to more complicated recipes that perhaps not every casino will be able to accommodate, such as Sex on the Beach, Blue Lagoon or White Russian. Naturally, some cocktails are more likely to be served anywhere than others but there’s a way to make even a cocktail that wasn’t available before magically appear, which we’ll tell you all about in our special tips paragraph. For now, if all this seems too much hassle, you can always choose to stay in the comfort of your home and play at the coolest online casinos for UK residents. Should you make that pick, you can spoil yourself with any cocktail you like, even something insanely decadent as the Drunken Oreo Madness, the recipe of which you can find in the video below:

Tips on Choosing the Best Drink

It’s illegal to drink and drive but drinking and gambling is perfectly acceptable. And to make that experience even better, we’ve compiled a list of our best tips. These are some general bits and pieces of useful info on how and what to order at the brick and mortar casinos and how to have better chances of getting what you’d like and more of it, too.

  • Chances are you would like a mixed drink, not messed-up drink, so stay on the safe side and order a simple two-part drink, such as whiskey & coke or gin & tonic.
  • If you like things simple and would rather not go into elaborate discussions, order beer.
  • You may be a vodka person but is it wise to chug your favourite hard liquor while trying to make the best decision at a blackjack table? Why not stick to lighter beverages instead?
  • If you usually order a wine spritzer but are now tempted to fit in and order a colourful, umbrella-decorated alcoholic concoction just like the people at your table, it’s probably not a good idea. Would you try something new, which you have no idea what effect will have on you when trying to take care of your bankroll?
  • If you’ve decided to order a cocktail, why not try the house special? If they’re putting their name on it, there’s a great chance it will be good, possibly the best available at that place.
  • If you’re not much of a drinker but don’t want to miss out on this fun part of casino-going, go for something lighter, such as a Chocolate Martini or a Piña Colada. Those will give you the fresh, uplifting feeling while not making the room spin.
  • Shoot for the stars. If you ask for vodka and cranberry juice, you’ll probably get their cheapest alcohol. But if you ask for Grey Goose and cranberry juice, you might have the cocktail waitress surprise you by bringing exactly what you ordered.
  • Don’t expect your cocktail to be as elaborate as the one from the cocktail bar. There’s a reason why they’d charge you a considerable sum of money for the latter. So, stay safe and stick with 2-ingredients cocktails or visit the bar.
  • Be prepared with a second choice in case the server can’t accommodate your first one.
  • If you’d like something with a punch but it’s early in the morning, try an Irish coffee. It might just be what you need.

“Drinking… that’s a great human tradition.”Interstate 60 (2002)

The Most Popular Casino Cocktails

Now that we’ve shared our expert opinion on the topic of drinking and gambling, we’ll give you an overview of the most popular cocktails among casino goers. We aren’t going to comment on whether these are appropriate or not – you should be able to make that judgment yourself. We’ll simply show you which these cocktails are using beautiful images. Is your mouth watering already?

Whiskey on the Rocks

Although not technically a cocktail, this is a favourite with casino players and you’ll see quite a few patrons sipping it.


One of the most popular vodka-based cocktails, it delivers an extra dose of Vitamin C thanks to the orange juice.

Vodka Cranberry Juice

It can be as simple as adding cranberry juice to vodka or as complicated as the bartender’s imagination allows.

Gin and Tonic

Two-ingredient cocktails are a safe bet. You’re most likely to get what you expect. And this one is a true classic.

Rum and Coke

This is yet another pick-me-up drink that has flavour and sweetness. Perfect when you need some warmth.

Piña Colada

This legendary cocktail is perfect for those that would like to have a drink but don’t want anything too strong.

Bloody Mary

This cocktail needs no introduction – it’s refreshing, tasty, and nourishing at the same time. Also, it’s a hangover cure.


This is a favourite summer cocktail. Perhaps it’s the combination of lime and mint added generously to white rum.


Stirred or shaken, this cocktail will always be associated with James Bond and, thus, with the casino experience.


A margarita is a great choice. It’s lighter than a tequila shot and much more versatile with the many available flavours.


This German digestif has become the ultimate party drink. Try it with coke, in a Jägerbomb or served extra cold.

Baileys Irish Cream

The creaminess of this liqueur makes it a great dessert replacement or after-dinner drink. Enjoy it with ice.

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