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Progressive Blackjack – Review and Free Play

This Playtech blackjack variation has been developed to make every gambler’s ultimate dream come true! Combining classic blackjack with progressive jackpot side bets is not only highly rewarding but super entertaining as well. The game allows you to apply your best tactic, play in single or multi-hand mode, hit the jackpot or any of the other progressive side bet payouts. The options are endless, so follow us to learn more and test it for free! Read More

Progressive Blackjack
£600 Bonus To Play Blackjack at Ladbrokes
RTP: 99.53% Pays 3:2 6 Decks ✓ Multihand ✓ Side Bets No Surrender
Game Rating:
  • Gameplay: 5/5
  • RTP: 4.8/5
  • Interface: 4.9/5
  • Settings: 4.9/5
Overall Score: 4.90/5
Unique Features:
  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Beautiful Design
  • High RTP
Where you can play the game: Ladbrokes Casino, Gala Casino

In the following review, you will find all that a player needs to know about Progressive Blackjack. Starting with the basic rules, bet limits, and what you’ll need to crack that progressive jackpot as promised in the title. Right after that, we’ve put together the perfect strategy chart which could help you especially if you are just starting out and a free demo version to test the game for free. If you end up liking it after all, we’ll help you find the highest welcome bonus and the best online casino for the optimal real money experience.

A Look at The Basic Rules

Progressive Blackjack Rules
RTP: 99.53%
Blackjack Pays: 3:2
Number of Decks: 6
Dealer Rule: stand on all 17s
Dealer Peek: No
Insurance: Yes
Surrender: No
Split: Yes
Re-split: No
Double: Yes
Double After Split: Yes
Hit Split Aces: just once
Side Bets: Yes
Multihand: Yes

Progressive Blackjack is a mixture between the classic blackjack rules and a progressive jackpot side bet option. The key goal is to have the total of your hand closer to 21 than the dealer without going over. Bets start from £1 going up to £300 and can be placed on up to 5 hands simultaneously. The game is played with six decks which get shuffled after each round, so card counting is pretty much useless.

After you’ve received your opening hand, you can decide whether to hit, stand, split, double or make insurance. The last one is available in case the dealer has an ace as his facing-up card and unlike other blackjack variation, here he is not allowed a peek and must stand on all 17s. Once you’ve split a certain hand you cannot re-split it again. In the case of two aces there is only one more drawn card allowed and even if it turns out to be a 10-valued one, the result is considered 21 which would lose against a blackjack by the dealer.

If you’re going for the progressive jackpot, making an additional side bet is what is requested. To do that, click on the coin slit above the bet areas and when the light turns green, you are good to go. The highest progressive payout is the jackpot for which you will need 4 suited aces starting from left to right. A different prize is granted even for getting 3, 2 or one, suited or not-suited aces starting from x5 up to x5000 your bet amount.

Strategy Card for Optimal Results

Strategy cards are something you shouldn’t skip especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in blackjack. The chart is covers all the possible of situations and the best decisions you can make in each case. To rely only on luck when playing blackjack is never a good plan, adding the strategy will help you reach the highest RTP of the particular game and will be your best companion, always making sure to minimise all wrong moves.

Progressive Blackjack Strategy Card

Even though having a smart guide at hand may seem close to perfect, the house edge factor will always affect the gameplay. Strictly following the strategy could always result in a lost hand. The chances will have been brought down to a minimum however it’s good to not expect some sort of super powers from the strategy card. What you could do in addition is find a good welcome bonus, claim it and have an even further advantage when entering the game. Read our full Ladbrokes casino review for more information on how to get your hands on their juicy £600 offer.

Test the Game for Free Right Now!

If you have the feeling that Progressive Blackjack may be the perfect game for your taste, here is your chance to experience it in action by giving the demo down below a free try. Use the strategy card and benefit from all the risk-free exploring as long as you need to. This way the transition to a real money gameplay whenever you feel confident in your intuition and strategy skills will be more than smooth.

Progressive Blackjack Free Demo
Instant play

Every blackjack variation is slightly different and requires some practice time for you to be able to call yourself a master. Using the free demo can assist you just perfectly if this is what you are aiming for. No real money involved means no stress, no pressure, just pure fun. Take that time and get the most out of the whole process, so that you can play in any online casino afterward with minimum risk involved.

The Best Casino to Play for Real Money and More Recommendations

Taking into account everything that we have discussed above, it‘s fair to say that Progressive Blackjack is a tempting combination of classic rules and the thrill of cracking the jackpot with each new round. It incorporates all that an old-school blackjack fan could ever look for as well as the added excitement of that one huge win waiting to be granted. Even though the progressive side bets are what makes it fun, they do actually lower the RTP of the game a bit. So, now that you know the pros and the cons, go through our further blackjack recommendations in the table below and decide for yourself.

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There is just one more thing left for consideration if you stick to the Progressive Blackjack variation after all. Finding the best online casino where you can try and win that jackpot for real. When betting with your own money instead with demo cash, it’s important to pick a trustworthy place where you’ll feel secure and most of all, generously welcomed. Most casinos try and lure players with different ongoing promotions but the best offer here comes from Ladbrokes casino. A £600 exclusive bonus and the game in its full shine is what you’ll get, so go ahead and enjoy!