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Review and Free Demo of Perfect Blackjack

Perfect Blackjack is one of the best Playtech variations of the classic and so widely played casino game incorporating the core blackjack rules with some flawless add-ons like multi-hand and side bets options and the undeniable advantage of a 99.58% RTP. When such indicators come in combination with the recognisable first-class look of Playtech designs, you know you are dealing with one of the best blackjack games out there. If you want to take a deeper look at it, learn how to play and win more, just stick with us until the end. Read More

Perfect Blackjack
Up to £600 To Play Blackjack at Ladbrokes
RTP: 99.58% Pays 3:2 6 Decks ✓ Multihand ✓ Side Bets No Surrender
Game Rating:
  • Gameplay: 4.9/5
  • RTP: 4.8/5
  • Interface: 4.9/5
  • Settings: 4.9/5
Overall Score: 4.88/5
Unique Features:
  • Beautiful Design
  • High RTP
  • Multiple Side Bets
Where you can play the game: Ladbrokes Casino, Gala Casino

In the content table above, you will find the 4 key topics which we will touch on in the text to come. Starting with a basic rules overview, payouts and how-to-play guide, followed by the perfect strategy that will fit the game as a glove and a free demo for risk-free practicing. In the end, we will give you an online casino recommendation where to find and get the most out of Perfect Blackjack while playing for real money. Here we go!

A Look at The Key Details

Perfect Blackjack Rules
RTP: 99.58%
Blackjack Pays: 3:2
Number of Decks: 6
Dealer Rule: stand on all 17s
Dealer Peek: no
Insurance: yes
Surrender: no
Split: yes
Re-split: no
Double: yes
Double After Split: yes
Hit Split Aces: yes
Side Bets: yes
Multihand: yes

Perfect Blackjack is played with 6 decks and you can bet as much as you prefer on up to 5 different hands at the same time. The main object is for the total of the cards in each hand to be closer to 21 than the dealer’s, without going over. Betting limits vary between £1 and £300 and a blackjack pays 3:2. After having the cards dealt you can split two cards with the same denomination, double down to get just one more card to beat the dealer or take insurance in case they have blackjack. All of these require an additional bet but can earn you even more in return. Re-splits and any blackjack peeks aren’t available and the dealer must stand on all results that equal 17.

Besides having multi-hand wagers, you could increase your winning options by adding some side bets to your own hands or the one of the dealer. The payout for a perfect pair is 25:1, 12:1 for a coloured one and 6:1 for a Red/Black one. The only difference here is that you cannot bet more than £5 on each side bet option. In short, these are a fun addition to the main gameplay and can award generously if it’s your lucky day.

When it comes to settings and how the game feels, there are several options that you can use to personalise it up to your preferences. Go to the settings menu and select Fast Play for speeding up the game process, mute or turn on the sounds you wish to hear while being active or simply change the table colour using the paint brush in the upper left corner.

Win More with a Strategy Card

The game of blackjack has multiple advantages and playing with a strategy card is definitely among the biggest. Not many other games provide this type of mathematical help and skipping this option especially if you are newcomer would be a mistake. In the chart below you can see the best move that you can make depending on your hand and the dealer’s face up card for any situation possible. Stick to it and the house edge will reach its minimum just like that.

Progressive Blackjack Strategy Card

Following strictly the strategy above will not eliminate the chances of still losing sometimes, after all it is a game of luck, it will just make sure you are playing at the lowest house edge. But if you are looking for a further advantage when starting the game, a good welcome bonus will do the job. For example, a £600 exclusive bonus is what Ladbrokes Casino is offering to all its new players. To find out more about this offer, visit our full casino review here.

Try Perfect Blackjack for Free!

We did what we had to do, a quick rules review accompanied by the perfect strategy and now is your turn to test these two in symbiosis for free. Give the demo game down below a try and play Perfect Blackjack without risking any real money. If you want to get better or you’re just starting out, practicing is the ideal way to come closer to the roots of the game as well as experience some additional side temptations in a completely safe mode, that can transform you into a true blackjack expert.

Perfect Blackjack Free Demo
Instant play

Our recommendation would be not to skip the play-for-free part as it is the perfect opportunity to practice your skills and make the real money gameplay afterward a complete success. Training your mind to make fast and optimal blackjack decisions is a skill like anything else and building it takes time and dedication. Playing with demo cash will make you enjoy the learning process without worrying too much about the not-so-good moves you can undertake while creating your own strategy or just exploring the game.

Quick Summary and Where to Play for Real Money

Perfect Blackjack is a game that can really make everyone happy – a complete rookie or a long-term blackjack enthusiast. It combines the classic blackjack rules with interesting twists that increase the RTP and make wagering even more exciting. The fine-looking design and the personalised features make your gameplay an overall experience. Even though the game doesn’t have a lot of flaws, here are some additional blackjack variations that you can try in case you don’t like this one or you are on the hunt for something a bit different.

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In the end, we would like to give one more hint for those of you who have tried and loved Perfect Blackjack and are now looking for a good online casino to give it a real-money try. Basically, the game can be found in the portfolio of any Playtech powered casino but it’s best to choose a reputable and trusted operator which will also welcome you with a stimulating bonus offer. Ladbrokes Casino meets both conditions completely, so go ahead and give it a try! Good Luck!